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Dear fans, customers and friends of Süßer Wolz,

The café of vocal artist Christian Wolz opened its doors on Friday the 15th of April 2016 in Berlin Mitte – Brunnenstraße 165.
Since then we also had a post-opening celebration on the 8th of July 2016.
On the following pages you’ll find information about our philosophy, the concept behind our café, and our selection. You can of course also get in touch with us directly.
Süßer Wolz is a place where everybody can savour the good things in life in a healthy, valuable and compassionate way. So come by and visit us for a bit of indulgence!
We look forward to seeing you soon at Süßer Wolz.
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SWEET – Treat yourself!
Leading a sustainable and healthy life is both enjoyable and tasty! In a stylish and contemporary setting, I aim to create an atmosphere that joins together an environmentally-sound life with beauty in design. ‚Sweet WOLZ‘ is a dessert café where I channel my creativity into crafting imaginative sweet treats.

VEGAN – Guilt-free enjoyment!
More and more people are adopting a vegan lifestyle. While veganism is generally applied to food choices at first, these principles can extend to all aspects of life. The decision to go vegan is usually ethically motivated. A vegan diet provides a significant part of the solution to environmental problems.
ORGANIC – Only the best!
My selection is completely plant-based – free from all animal ingredients – as well as one hundred percent organic and locally sourced wherever possible. High-quality products that stand for a good quality of life, without harming our own health, the environment, or others.
FAIR – We want indulgence free from exploitation!
My products and raw ingredients have been carefully sourced and are primarily provided by small producers, which means I can maintain a direct and personal relationship with my partners. Transparency, responsibility and honesty are my guiding principles. I use green electricity and have reduced packaging and waste to a minimum. I don’t offer disposable takeaway cups and instead encourage customers to sit in to enjoy their coffee.
SUSTAINABLE – So future generations can enjoy life too!
With each visit, you can contribute to creating a fairer and more sustainable world.
A more conscious use of natural resources and more sustainable business doesn’t have to mean sacrifice but is valuable in personal, societal and environmental terms.
This also means that…

…all of my flyers, business cards and promotional material is produced in an environmentally-friendly way – sustainability applies not just to the food that you enjoy here but to the detail of everything that surrounds it – right down to the furniture and the paint on the walls. There are so many opportunities to live in an ecologically conscious way! Our soap is vegan and organic, and of course when the café closes at the end of the day, the cleaning products we use are too. It’s sometimes about considering one’s choices and being a little more conscious, but it pays off for us all! More efficient energy usage, recycling and other sustainable measures all contribute to keeping our planet liveable for many people now and in the future.

My café is a place for you to relax and take some time out.

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our products

…created in-house – chocolate cake, apple pie, tortes and raw-food treats, seasonal fruit cakes. A varied portfolio from feel-good classics to imaginative raw creations.
…premium organic, Fair Trade coffee from Coffee Circle.
…a range of quality organic teas – from Fair Trade black and green tea provided by Paper & Tea, to pots of herbal tea using loose leaves from Lebensbaum, to fresh ginger tea.
…classic hot chocolate made purely from organic, fairly traded cocoa and raw cane sugar, with plant milk. Extra special: hot chocolate from Zotter – melt these sumptuous bars into hot plant milk.
…selection of warm plant milks – with your choice of a range of syrups. Grain-coffee, decaf, hot lemon with agave syrup.
…healthy fruit and herbal smoothies, as well as more unique creations. We always have a Smoothie Special on offer.
…a selection of organic juices in Demeter Quality from Völkel; fresh juices varying with the seasons.

…spritzers made with our range of juices, mineral water, organic cola; in the summer we also offer fresh homemade iced tea and iced coffee with almond milk.

Selosoda is a new addition to our repertoire – a refreshing drink made from the coffee fruit.

…a carefully selected range of exquisite chocolates – premium organic and fairly traded. Raw pralines à la WOLZ created in-house, chocolate mousse, and Lebkuchen (German-style gingerbread) when in season!
Every day we have a soup as a savoury snack, served with delicious wholemeal bread.

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